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CAT Merchandise

CAT has thousands of distributors and partners around the world and needed a platform to sell merchandise. To keep a consistent brand image for CAT, it was important the look and feel of the site was complementary to the rest of their online estate.


The navigation of the site would become integral to users finding and discovering products, especially on mobile which is why the main navigation is present instead of hidden behind a ‘burger’ icon. Breadcrumbs were included on each page to give context of users location within the site.

Mobile optimised

The majority of CAT’s workforce are tech savy and given a smartphone as part of their role, so building the website responsive was a must for their employees. Using large imagery, obvious call to actions and simple navigation, will allow these users to purchase the items they desire quickly.

Product recommendations

Purchasing multiple products per order were a key requirement to the sites success so providing recommend products on the homepage, basket and product pages will help discoverability for similar products leading to an increase in order size and most importantly value.

Business goals

  • Moble friendly
  • Create a retained customer base
  • Large value per order
  • Multiple items per transaction
  • Quick approval process for new customers


The website launched in late July 2016 so we are yet to learn the impact.

The website can only be viewed by logging in so unfortunately I can’t share a link.

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